#5mins is a project of knowledge.
5 videos for 5 minutes to promote 5 places that are worth to be known, for architecture, history and life of our community.
5mins is a flexible, user friendly project, which can focus on a small center, on a region and… who knows, what else.
Now we are starting with the first series of video about 5 places we choose to let you know, among the other.
And we are already working on something bigger, on a wider scale.


Let’s introduce you #fasano5mins!

Fasano is a town between Bari and Brindisi counting 40.000 people.

It is well known for the remains of the roman city of Egnazia, for the “masseria”, a local version of a farmhouse, among the centenary olive trees, for the food, of course, for the sea and the countryside. During last years, Fasano reached a very high level of excellence in tourism, with people coming from all over the world. In case someone would complain, this is not a complete and exhaustive review of the history of Fasano. It’s just an hint!

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